Workplace mental health

Mental health prevention and promotion strategies are beneficial to every workplace, with data showing a return on investment of up to $18.50 for every dollar invested. These strategies can improve employee productivity, motivation and engagement.

Everymind has a 30-year track record in researching, designing, implementing and evaluating mental health and suicide prevention programs across a variety of industries and professions. Each project has been researched and customised to create a bespoke product which meets the needs of the target audience.

We can tailor our support to your unique needs including:

  • Online or in-person presentations, training and workshops tailored to your unique needs
  • Research and evaluation services to understand your workplace and make recommendations
  • Co-design of mental health and suicide prevention resources specific to your work environment
  • Provide strategy development and expert advice to your leadership to shape mental health in your workplace.


Tina Fox
Tina Fox
Business Manager
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