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Online intervention to include the voices of families and friends affected by a suicide attempt

Everymind is currently developing an online program and tailored resources to support families and friends impacted by a suicide attempt.

This program's development is funded by an Innovation Research Grant from the Suicide Prevention Research Fund, managed by Suicide Prevention Australia. The Innovation Research Grants support world-class Australian research into suicide prevention and the translation of knowledge into effective programs for individuals, families and communities.

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Online training program gives small business owners skills to take action on mental wellbeing

A national online training program is now available for Australian small business owners interested in promoting mental health and wellbeing in their workplaces.

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Dr Jaelea Skehan OAM returns to leadership role at Everymind

Associate Professor Carmel Loughland is finishing her role as Acting Director at Everymind from today, with Dr Jaelea Skehan OAM returning to her substantive role as Director on Monday, 15 March.

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Everymind welcomes Productivity Commission report into mental health

Everymind has welcomed release of the Australian Government’s Productivity Commission Inquiry Report into Mental Health.

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New online training program to support the wellbeing of Australian small business owners

Everymind is conducting an evaluation of a new national online training program for Australian small business owners, which aims to enhance capacity and confidence in promoting positive mental health and wellbeing within their business.

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Everymind response to ABS Causes of Death data release

Today, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released the Causes of Death data for 2019, including preliminary suicide death data for Australia.


New national framework launched to support mental health and wellbeing of Australian medical professionals

The Every Doctor, Every Setting: A National Framework was officially launched today, as part of a national commitment to prioritise the mental health and wellbeing of Australian doctors and medical students.

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Reinvestment in world-class mental health research initiative announced

The Commonwealth Government has reinvested in the prevention of mental ill-health, announcing $2.1million of continued funding to support valuable research initiatives for the prevention of anxiety and depression through The Prevention Hub.

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New website released as part of National Suicide and Self-Harm Monitoring System

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) together with the National Mental Health Commission (NMHC), have released a website today which marks an important step towards establishing a centralised location for all suicide and intentional self-harm data.

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National commitment to suicide prevention

Today’s Federal Government announcement of a further $19 million in funding for suicide prevention represents momentous news for the sector and the communities it supports as the nation marks RUOK? Day and World Suicide Prevention Day.

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