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Passionate. Committed. Innovative.

We are an inclusive workplace, with staff from a range of professional disciplines. Our team brings a rich professional and personal commitment to our work, and a diversity of skills and perspectives. We are passionate about the work we do and value working together, and with others, for the best outcomes.

Executive Team

 Tina Fox
Tina Fox
Business Manager
Dr Sally Fitzpatrick
Dr Sally Fitzpatrick
Program Manager
Melinda Benson
Melinda Benson
Program Manager

Project and Research Team

Dr Elizabeth Paton

Ed Broadbent

Summer Haan

Yohana Franklin

Jessica Ingram

Natasha Harding

Kristen Vallender

Kristy Platt

Alyse Berrigan

Elloyse Fitzgeraldson

Amelia Chooi

Lyndon Bell

Toby Ware

Max Tran

Elle Glasic

Joshua Matheson

Chloe Woodland

Chloe Brown

Emma Pryse Jones

Laura Hanlon

Dr Jose Cuenca

Jennifer Peprah

Business Team

Amy Stevens

Michelle Wallace

Ashley Broadbent-Nelson

Kate Campbell

Ali Stirton

Andrea Pugh

Crystal Hatchard

Ella Delarue

Andrew Bracey

Emma Norton

Joshua Hewitt