Words and Images

About the project:

Everymind is working with a Project Advisory Group, a Research Leadership Group and a range of other stakeholders to develop guidelines and web-based resources to support image and language use that is safe, inclusive, hopeful and non-stigmatising when communicating about mental health and wellbeing, mental illness, suicidal behaviour, and alcohol and other drugs.

Work is being undertaken using a research framework and is grounded in a participatory design approach including people with lived experience, professional communicators, clinicians, community members and others involved in communicating about mental health issues. This will be enhanced through significant stakeholder engagement and testing throughout the life of the project.

Guidelines, resources and other outputs from the project will be developed in stages between 2021-2022 with dissemination of guides scheduled for 2022-2023.

This project is funded by the National Mental Health Commission, and forms part of a long-term vision for an Australian society where stigma and discrimination, based on experiences of mental ill-health, suicidal distress and alcohol and other drug use, are no longer barriers to all people living long and contributing lives.

Words and Images Project Advisory Group

The Words and Images project is informed by a number of different stakeholder groups. The Project Advisory Group contributes diverse views and expertise, guiding the project activities, outcomes, and supports wider engagement across multiple sectors; members include:

Dr Jaelea Skehan OAM (Co-Chair), Everymind, Director

Stefani Caminiti (Co-Chair), The Inner Ninja Foundation, CEO and Founder

Allison Lubransky-Moy, Gayaa Dhuwi, Operations and Policy Lead

Amelia Banks, Suicide Prevention Australia, Communications Manager

Nikki Hogan, Mental Health Australia, Partnerships Manager

Sophie Plumridge, SANE Australia, Director for Communications and Engagement

Ina Mullin, National Mental Health Commission, Director Engagement & Communication

Zed Tintor (they/them, she/her), LGBTIQ+ Health Australia, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Ruth Das, Embrace (Mental Health Australia), National Project Manager - National Multicultural Mental Health Project

Sejla Stammers, Alcohol and Drug Foundation, Senior Project Manager

Adj. A/Prof. Learne Durrington B.Soc.Wk MPPM GAICD CHE ACHSM, Western Australia Primary Health Alliance, Chief Executive Officer

Heather McIntyre, University of South Australia, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Research and Education Group, Research Assistant

Mahlie Jewell, SANE Australia, Peer Ambassador

Bucky Toller, Department of Veterans Affairs, Assistant Director for Veteran Mental Health, Open Arms

Phoebe Kingston, SANE Australia, Peer Ambassador

Julie Holmes, Roses in the Ocean, Visual Content Specialist

Dr Louise La Sala, Orygen, Research Fellow

Caitlin Evans, Communications Specialist

Dominic Hilbrink, Fortem Australia, Senior Clinician

For more information about the Words and Images project, please contact Dr Elizabeth Paton, Project Lead.

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