Minds Together

Minds Together is an Everymind program developed in collaboration with Australians supporting family and friends experiencing mental health concerns or suicidal distress.

The program offers free, self-paced online support featuring interactive activities, multimedia content, peer support and personal stories of supporting family or friends.

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Minds Together provides practical ways to help you:

  • Find out more about mental health concerns and suicidal distress
  • Learn new strategies for supporting your family member or friend
  • Strengthen your coping and communication skills
  • Reduce your stress and worry
  • Connect with other people supporting a family member or friend.

Why Minds Together?

Do you support someone that feels worried, stressed or sad? They may have experienced trauma at work or in their life. They may have a history of mental illness or are showing symptoms for the first time. They may have had thoughts of suicide or attempted suicide.

Supporting friends and family who feel like this can affect your own energy, time, finances and emotions. You may feel overwhelmed, worried or unsure of what you should say to your family member or friend. These feelings may have increased during recent events like COVID-19, natural disasters or due to financial stress.

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