The Mindframe program supports safe media reporting, portrayal and communication about suicide, mental ill-health and alcohol and other drugs.

Mindframe aims to:

  • Provide leadership within the sector
  • Build the capabilities of the sector and other stakeholders
  • Innovate and disseminate education, resources and information
  • Increase research to support the evidence base.

Funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Health, under the National Suicide Prevention Program, Mindframe is an initiative of Everymind.

Program objectives

The Mindframe education and training program aims to:

  • Build a collaborative relationship with the Australian news media (print, radio, television, and online news) through the development and dissemination of evidence-based resources and sector engagement to enable safe and accurate portrayals of suicide and mental ill-health.
  • Support tertiary educators, so journalism and public relations graduates will be equipped to respond to issues relating to suicide and mental ill-health.
  • Support sectors that work with the media (such as the suicide prevention and mental health sector, police and courts and Primary Health Networks (PHNs) to facilitate a better understanding about issues to consider when communicating with the media around suicide and mental ill-health.
  • Provide practical advice and information to support the work of stage and screen professionals and others involved in the development of Australian film, television and theatre productions, to help inform truthful and authentic portrayals of suicide and mental ill-health.

Target sectors

  • Media - includes peak media bodies, media organisations (including print, radio, television and online news across metropolitan and rural areas and including Indigenous and CALD media) and media professionals developing stories about suicide and mental ill-health.
  • Mental health and suicide prevention sector - includes health, mental health, and suicide prevention organisations, services and professional bodies (government and non-government) and individual professionals within those organisations that may have a role in media portrayal of suicide and mental ill-health.
  • Universities - includes university educators and students that offer relevant programs in journalism and public relations.
  • Police and courts - includes jurisdictions in all states and territories and relevant officers that may have to communicate with media about suicide and mental ill-health.
  • Australian film, television and theatre - includes scriptwriters, story departments, filmmakers and other key stakeholders involved in the development of Australian film and television.

For more information

Visit the program website: mindframe.org.au

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