Family and friends supporting someone experiencing depression or anxiety

Do you support or care for someone with depression or anxiety?

About Minds Together

Minds Together is an online program for people in the community who support a partner, family member, friend or colleague with symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. We refer to these people as ‘carers’.

The program aims to support carers in their role and promote their mental health and wellbeing.

“Listening to other people was a big thing for me. Hearing that you are not alone and actually putting your thoughts down in writing where you had to do the activities, and you had to reminisce.”

Minds Together online program participant

The Minds Together program is:

  • Informed by carers
  • Evidence-driven
  • Designed in collaboration with service providers
  • Developed to educate and support carers in their roles.

The program contains four online modules that take approximately one hour each to complete.

About the 2021/22 national trial

The national trial built on a smaller study that explored the program’s functions and relevance for carers. For this study, some participants had access to an online social forum, similar to a Facebook group. Researchers will measure the impact of both platforms on carers’ mental health and wellbeing. A PhD student from Everymind and the University of Newcastle is leading this study.

Keep in touch

The national trial of Minds Together for family and friends supporting someone experiencing depression or anxiety has closed.

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