Family and friends supporting the mental health of paramedics

Do you love, live with, or support a paramedic?

There are over 21,000 paramedics registered in Australia. Paramedics are regularly ranked as “the most trusted profession” in Australia. However, due to the high stress, exposure to trauma, long and shifting work hours and low rates of help-seeking - Ambulance service personnel are nearly twice as likely as the general population to experience mental ill-health.

Paramedics experience disproportionate levels of trauma, PTSD, psychological distress, and suicidal behaviour. We know that family and friends provide most of the practical and emotional support and are therefore key to improving the mental health and wellbeing of paramedics. While rewarding, this support and caregiving role can impact an individual’s time, energy, finances and emotions. These impacts can be reduced by delivering evidence-based programs and preventing the onset of mental ill-health and suicidality in family and friends.

Get involved and contribute to new research!

Are you supporting a paramedic experiencing mental ill-health or suicidal distress? The paramedic does not need to have any formal diagnosis. Maybe you have noticed a change in mood, behaviours or dependency on drugs or alcohol. Our new research project is designed to aid those supporting paramedics displaying any symptoms or diagnosis of mental ill-health or suicidal distress.

We are seeking such people to join us on this project. Learn more about opportunities to share your insights and contribute to this project below.

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Would you like to take part in the upcoming national trial of Minds Together for family and friends supporting paramedics experiencing mental ill-health or suicidal distress?


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Provide input and oversight of the creation of resources developed, ensuring that they are appropriate, safe, and represent the voice of family members and friends of paramedics.

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More about the project

Everymind is working with the family and friends of paramedics across Australia to help them on their journey of supporting their mental health. We aim to provide support, skills, and resources to family and friends to sustain their important caregiving roles and live fulfilled and mentally healthy lives themselves.

With funding from the Movember Foundation and support from The University of Newcastle, NSW Ambulance and Fortem Australia, we will consult, develop, deliver and evaluate an online support program for families and friends of paramedics. The Minds Together for family and friends supporting the mental health of paramedics online program will promote better mental health and wellbeing outcomes for those who provide care.

Download our e-flyer about the program.

We refer to family and friends as anyone who has a significant relationship with a paramedic who provides care and support, including partners, spouses, parents, siblings, friends and colleagues.

Need more information?

Please reach out to Everymind Project Lead, Dr Philippa Ditton-Phare, with any questions.

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