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About Dr Paton

Elizabeth joined Everymind in September 2017. She holds a PhD in Communication, a Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies)(Hons), and a Graduate Diploma in Education Studies (Secondary). 

Elizabeth is currently working with the Suicide Prevention team on Life in Mind, a national initiative to connect organisations, programs, researchers and professionals working in suicide prevention to each other, and the community, by providing a digital platform for knowledge exchange around suicide prevention activities across Australia. She is also working with the team to develop a Tasmanian Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Communications Charter.
Prior to joining Everymind, Elizabeth worked as a science communication researcher and as an education and outreach officer for a neuroscience research centre. She also taught extensively in media, communication and creative industries subjects at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.
Elizabeth has published across areas such as responsible research and innovation, communication, creativity and the creative industries, including a co-edited book on systems-based creativity research. Her co-authored book on teaching for creativity was released in 2018.