Mental Health and Small Business

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Everymind, with support from the icare foundation, is leading a new evidence-based response to the mental health and wellbeing of small business owners and workers in NSW.

We will partner with small business and mental health partners in NSW to co-design a response that will reduce the onset and impact of mental health problems in those who work in small business. This will include:

  • Research to better understand the nature of small business, risks to mental ill-health and opportunities for change;
  • Prototyping and piloting a digital-based response in at least two communities in NSW to support workers in small business to access evidence-based prevention and treatment interventions that can reduce the onset and impact of mental ill-health and suicide; and
  • Building partnerships and leadership across sectors for sustainable change.

Why is the project needed?

Small businesses bring significant economic and employment benefits to NSW and represent 97.6% of all active businesses. 

There are a number of unique risk factors faced by small business owners, which can result in poor mental health, poor general health and family conflict. Current workplace mental health programs tend to focus on larger organisations and industries and are not addressing the unique nature or the specific needs of small business. 

How can you get involved?

A research survey for those working in small business has been launched to better understand the unique needs of those who work in small business, and to identify options for a new response. 

If you own a small business or have worked in a small business (20 employees or less), share your thoughts about mental health by completing the survey:

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Mental Health and Wellbeing in Australian Small Business

Despite small businesses constituting almost 98% of all businesses in NSW, current workplace mental health programs are not designed for, not cater to their needs. The aim of this research is to develop a better understanding of mental health of those in small business, including perceived needs, factors that may make individuals more vulnerable to mental ill-health, and the types of professional support that would be most acceptable and appropriate.

Dr Ross Tynan
Dr Ross Tynan
Research Lead, Mental Health and Research
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