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Passionate. Committed. Innovative.

We are an inclusive workplace, with staff from a range of professional disciplines. Our team brings a rich professional and personal commitment to our work, and a diversity of skills and perspectives. We are passionate about the work we do and value working together, and with others, for the best outcomes.  

Our Executive Team

Marc Bryant
Marc Bryant
Program Manager, Suicide Prevention
Dr Gavin Hazel
Dr Gavin Hazel
Program Manager, Mental Health and Research
Tina Fox
Tina Fox
Business Manager

Our Media and Communications contact

Brooke Cross

Our Mental Health and Research Team

Dr Ross Tynan

Yohana Franklin

Dr Sally Fitzpatrick

Victoria Clack

Amy Visser

Alyssa White

Dr Renate Thienel

Emma Quilty

Helen Thomas

Jasmina Krso

Kim McNaughton

Janine Johnston

​Jacinta Heath

​Arshdeep Kaur

Our Suicide Prevention Team

Sara Bartlett

Amanda McAtamney

Alexandra Culloden

Jessica Weiland

Francesca Groves

Brydie Jameson

Simon Pont

Elena Terol

Jennifer Howard

Dr Elizabeth Paton

Jessica Ingram

Rebecca Pryor

Clare Jones

Mimi Ilinkovski

Kristy Platt

Our LifeSpan Team

Tegan Cotterill

Dr Katie McGill

Our Business Team

Brooke Cross

Andrea Pugh

Lauren Barnett

Crystal Hatchard

Amanda Bennett (currently on maternity leave)

Michelle Wallace

Suzanne Boswell

Miranda Leaver