Guiding Their Way Back Support Groups

When a person attempts suicide, it can be incredibly distressing and leave many people with all sorts of questions. The Guiding Their Way Back Support Groups provide carers with the skills and resources needed to respond following a suicide attempt, including an opportunity to access support, learn about others’ experiences, increase understanding of suicide and learn practical tips on how to support someone.

What are Guiding Their Way Back Support Groups?

The support groups consist of a FREE information session, followed by a FREE four-week education and support group, held weekly for two hours per session. The groups provide information and support for people who care for someone recovering from a recent suicide attempt (within the last three months). This could be a child, partner, family member, friend or colleague.

What topics will be covered in the support groups:

  • Information about suicide, suicide attempts and how this can affect the support person
  • Practical tips on supporting someone after a suicide attempt, including how to talk to the person about what they are going through and how to provide practical and emotional support
  • Self-care and wellbeing of the carer
  • Where and how to access support services, for both the support person and the person who has attempted suicide
  • The support groups also offer the opportunity for people to build friendships and support networks with other people who are going through a similar experience.

Operational details

The Guiding Their Way Back Support Groups were developed by Everymind with funding from Beyond Blue, nib foundation and Greater Charitable Foundation.

The support group program is being delivered by Relationships Australia NSW, in partnership with Everymind and Beyond Blue.

The implementation and impact of the Guiding Their Way Back Support Groups will also be evaluated by Everymind to inform future service delivery and efforts to reduce Australia's suicide rate.

For information on when and where you can find a Guiding Their Way Back Support Group, please contact Relationships Australia NSW on (02) 4940 1500.

Guiding Their Way Back Support Groups information flyer

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The Way Back Information Resources

Information resources for people who have attempted suicide and their family members and friends.

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