Child Illness and Resilience Program (CHiRP)

An evidence-based mental health promotion and illness prevention program for families and carers of children and young people living with an illness in Australia.

Everymind received funding from the Greater Charitable Foundation to develop, trial and evaluate a pilot of the Child Illness and Resilience Program (CHiRP) within the Hunter New England Local Health District in Newcastle.

The pilot was undertaken from 2012 – 2014 in partnership with a range of local and national stakeholders including Kaleidoscope.

A range of resources were developed for the project. These resources are useful for families who have a child living with a chronic illness as well as any family who would like to build their resilience.

Family resilience fact sheets

Resilient families are better able to face life's stresses; to bounce forward following difficult times and to adjust in healthy ways to life's challenges. For this reason, supporting the resilience of families during periods of stress can help to maintain and improve wellbeing.

A series of fact sheets were designed to assist with building the resilience of families including:

  • What is family resilience?
  • The family life cycle
  • Resilient families
  • Calling on support of others during times of need
  • Creating and maintaining family routines
  • Engaging in self-care: Looking after yourself
  • Shared times: Shared memories
  • Maintaining a positive outlook
  • Constructive problem solving
  • Positive family communication
  • Relationship building and maintenance
  • Equal parenting.
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