Qualitative evaluation of the Way Back Support Service

Principal Researchers

Dr Gavin Hazel
Ms Jaelea Skehan
Dr Myfanwy Maple
Dr Ross Tynan

Research Status - Completed

Research Funding

Beyond Blue

About the research

The Way Back Support Service is an evidence-based aftercare service designed to support individuals following a suicide attempt and ultimately prevent suicide. The Support Service WAS trialled in Newcastle, NSW, and delivered by Hunter Primary Care. The Support Service provides non-clinical assertive outreach, follow-up care and practical support to people in the three months following a hospital treated suicide attempt.

The purpose of the research project is to conduct a qualitative evaluation of the implementation of the Way Back Support Service in NSW. This evaluation helped to identify whether the Support Service was meeting its service aims and assess its quality and effectiveness. To achieve the research aims, the team conducted interviews and focus groups with clients, staff implementing the Support Service, and the staff involved in complementary services working alongside the Support Service. The interviews and focus groups helped understand participants’ perspectives on the strengths and weaknesses of the provision of this service. Research findings will contribute to future development of the Way Back Support Service and similar suicide support services nationally, leading to improved service provision for people after a suicide attempt that will benefit the wider community.

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