Health-e mines

Principal Researchers

Dr Ross Tynan
Associate Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin
Professor Brian Kelly

Research Funding

Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP)

Research Partners

University of Newcastle

Research Status - In progress

About the research

The Health-e Mines project proposes the development and evaluation of an online portal that provides a direct, real-time link between coal mining employees and the latest evidence-based online screening, early intervention, and treatment programs for enhancing mental and physical health (including alcohol/other drug [AOD], use and chronic disease risk factor prevention). Existing entirely online, the Health-e Mines portal will provide coal mine employees with access to evidence-based resources in a convenient, readily available (24/7), confidential environment, thereby reducing stigma and overcoming traditional barriers to accessing existing programs.

This project has 2 key objectives:
  1. To develop an online portal (‘Health-e Mines’) through which Australian coal miners can access confidential, evidence-based online treatments for mental health, alcohol/other drug use, and physical health concerns
  2. To evaluate the use of Health-e Mines and associated online treatment programs in pilot mine sites in NSW and QLD in terms of feasibility, acceptability, reach, and effectiveness.
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