Mental health and wellbeing in the media, marketing and creative industries

Principal Researchers 

Ms Jaelea Skehan
Dr Gavin Hazel
Dr Ross Tynan
Dr Renate Thienel

Research status - In progress

Never Not Creative, UnLtd and Everymind have partnered to conduct the first major study into the mental health and wellbeing of the media, marketing and creative industries. The purpose of the study is to bring transparency to the mental health issues affecting individuals working in the industries. The results will be used to guide establishment of programs to improve mental health in the workplace.

Burnout and stress are some of the widespread anecdotal reports about mental-health issues in the media, marketing and creative industries. This survey will quantify the problem by specifically looking at two core areas – the mental health and wellbeing of individuals working in the industries, and their attitudes towards mental health. The results will help to:

  • Determine the prevalence of mental ill-health in the industries, and an exploration of any differences that exist between: creative, media, marketing, client-side and agency side audiences; as well as comparisons with the population in general.
  • Recognise factors associated with mental ill-health in those who work in the media, marketing and creative industries, including the identification of any associated modifiable workplace characteristics
  • Identify the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs regarding mental health, mental illness, and help-seeking behaviours
  • Understand the current levels of stigma associated with discussing mental health.

If you are currently working in the media, marketing or creative industries, please participate in the study and share your thoughts by completing the:

Mentally Healthy 2018 online survey 

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