Navigating Your Way to Health and Navigating Their Way to Health

About the resources:

The Navigating Your Way to Health  and Navigating Their Way to Health resources have been developed for people who have an eating disorder, people who have eating behaviours that place them at risk of developing an eating disorder, carers and those supporting someone who is living with an eating disorder through treatment and recovery. The resources have been developed for people of any gender, of age, culture and at any stage of an eating disorder. 

Navigating Your Way to Health and Navigating Their Way to Health were developed with the input of individuals who have a personal experience of eating disorders, their families, carers and friends, as well as service providers and other stakeholders in NSW. Both resources are designed to be a starting point for working through some of the questions that can come up during the treatment process and offers information and ideas that might be found useful. 

It is important that people who are experiencing an eating disorder are encouraged to seek help early. The sooner treatment starts, the shorter the recovery will be. With early and appropriate treatment and support, recovery from an eating disorder is possible. 

The resources work alongside an individual’s treatment plan, to help facilitate recovery in navigating a way back to health. The resources provide general information that has been based on a range of experiences, in the hope that this makes the journey a little easier for other people living with an eating disorder and their family and friends.

They include tips on how to best support or access support throughout the treatment process, navigating treatment options, understanding the recovery journey and how to locate appropriate information or support services when needed. 

Navigating Your Way to Health and Navigating Their Way to Health have been developed with funding provided by the NSW Ministry of Health, under the auspices of the InsideOut Institute at the Boden Institute, the University of Sydney, for people in NSW and aligns with the NSW Service Plan for People with Eating Disorders 2013-2018. 

The resources have been developed by Everymind in collaboration with the Butterfly Foundation and stakeholders in NSW.

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