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Prevention Hub funding to support intervention projects for Everymind researchers

Two Everymind Mental Health and Research team members are among the recipients of funding from the 2019-20 Prevention Hub Fellowship, which supports researchers to investigate and translate preventative strategies for anxiety and depression.

Project Officer Elloyse Saw and Senior Project Officer Dr Zoi Triandafilidis have each received a conference travel award of $2,000 to assist them in presenting The Prevention Hub’s work at forthcoming research meetings in 2019 and 2020.

Everymind Acting Director Associate Professor Carmel Loughland said she is excited to see this recognition and support for two of the Institute’s talented and emerging researchers.

“Ms Saw and Dr Triandafilidis great examples of the invaluable wealth of research expertise we have within Everymind,” Associate Professor Loughland said.

“I’m delighted that they have been able to advance their careers and knowledge due to our collaborative partnerships with other leaders in prevention such as the Black Dog Institute and our joint work through The Prevention Hub.

“It is a privilege to lead a team of researchers and staff who are committed to turning over new ground in mental health and suicide prevention research and contributing to the development of best practice and evidence-based interventions.

“Both Zoi and Elly will be involved in developing and evaluating our Minds Together program, an online intervention which has been designed to support the carers of people with symptoms of depression and anxiety.

“This ground-breaking program, which will be launched in 2020, provides mental health carers with access to support, information and resources at their fingertips and at any time of the day or night.”

More information on the work both Ms Saw and Dr Triandafilidis will be undertaking with the Fellowship funding is available on The Prevention Hub website.

Published: 14 November 2019