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Everymind staff member receives $100,000 Innovation Research Grant

Everymind welcomes the recent news that one of the Institute’s Mental Health and Research Leads, Dr Sally Fitzpatrick is among six successful recipients of the 2019 Innovation Research Grants from the Suicide Prevention Research Fund.

Federal Minister for Health Greg Hunt announced that Professor Myfanwy Maple, Dr Sally Fitzpatrick, Associate Professor Nicola Reavley, Associate Professor Ashleigh Lin, Dr Laura Biggs and Mrs Josie Povey will each receive $100,000 to pursue research focussed on suicide prevention.

In addition to Dr Fitzpatrick’s inclusion as a grant recipient, Everymind will play a role as an industry partner for the work being undertaken by Professor Myfanwy Maple, which will be supported by Everymind Suicide Prevention Project Lead Simon Pont.

Funded by the Suicide Prevention Research Fund managed by Suicide Prevention Australia, the Innovation Research Grants support research to generate new knowledge, insights and ways to improve suicide prevention nationally.

Everymind Acting Director Associate Professor Carmel Loughland said she was delighted with the news that Dr Fitzpatrick had been singled out as a recipient for the national grant.

“The purpose of the Suicide Prevention Research Fund which was originally established by the Federal Government is to support world-class Australian research into suicide prevention and the translation of knowledge into effective programs for individuals, families and communities,” Associate Professor Loughland said.

“Everymind is dedicated to the translation of world-leading research into best practice programs. If we are to see continued innovation and progress in this space we need to be contributing to the turning over of new ground in suicide prevention and mental health research.

“New and innovative research deserves nothing less than our best and brightest and I look forward to seeing the important work Dr Fitzpatrick achieves in her pilot study investigating online interventions for families and friends impacted by a suicide attempt.

“It is also important to note that through Suicide Prevention Project Lead Simon Pont, Everymind will also play a supporting industry role in the work being conducted by Professor Maple.

“This work will explore if a mobile phone messaging intervention can support people bereaved by suicide and how a low-cost, easy-to-implement, accessible support for people who experience the suicide of a loved one can fill a gap in suicide prevention measures.

“It is fantastic to see two Everymind staff playing important roles in the exploration and knowledge translation of new research in the field of suicide prevention and I look forward to exploring future opportunities to expand our contribution to this space.”

Dr Fitzpatrick’s research will build upon the work achieved by Minds Together, Everymind’s suite of programs and resources designed to inform, empower and support the mental health and wellbeing of families, carers and communities.

Her research aims to ascertain if families and friends will engage with an online support program and social network application tailored to their needs and examines the benefit such an intervention can provide for families and friends.

Learn more about Minds Together.

Published: 4 November 2019

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