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Workshop on co-designing resources for carers supporting someone experiencing suicidal distress

Everymind will hold a workshop on co-designing resources at the Roses in the Ocean Lived Experience of Suicide Summit with people with lived and living experience of suicidal distress, their family and friends, and the services who support them.

The three-hour workshop will be held in Hobart on 9 March 2023, and will be co-facilitated by Everymind researchers, and carer, family and mental health advocates with lived and living experience.

"I'm very much looking forward to having a purposeful conversation - a safe place where we can collectively find voice and benefit from our shared experiences, together,"

says carer and family advocate, Mel Clark.

People experiencing suicidal distress and their carers, family and friends will take part in a discussion on how information can be best presented in support programs. They will be invited to share their preferences on language and the ways they would like to see their own stories and experiences presented.

Insights will also be sought into the role of online and in-person peer support and the associated benefits for both people in distress and those who care for them.

The workshop aims to provide people with lived and living experiences the opportunity to get involved in the early development of support programs. All contributions will be strictly confidential and de-identified.

After the workshop, Everymind will share a summary report with participants. A research paper will also be published to inform the work of Everymind and our partners.

“We must first understand the wants and needs of people with lived and living experiences of suicidal distress, and the people who support them, before we begin designing resources for them,” says Everymind Program and Research Manager and Clinical Psychologist, Dr Sally Fitzpatrick.

“The Roses in the Ocean Lived Experience Summit is the ideal setting for this workshop as it will have best-practice safety measures in place. Standby and Lifeline volunteers, Roses in the Ocean Peer Carer Companions, therapy dogs and a wellbeing zone will be available to participants so that they feel safe and supported throughout the workshop.”

The workshop contributions will guide the continued development of Everymind’s Minds Together programs for family, friends and caregivers. Visit the Minds Together website to learn more about the current trial of a new online program to help family and friends supporting someone who has attempted suicide.

Published: 6 March 2023