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Small Business Digital Champions explore online mental health support with Ahead for Business

Everymind’s Ahead for Business initiative is among a number of programs and organisations providing digital support to small business owners as part of the Small Business Digital Champions Conference in Sydney this week.

The Conference, which is on today and tomorrow, is being hosted by the Australian Department of Employment Skills, Small and Family Business.

Attracting attendance from digital mentors, corporate partners and a number of Australian Government departments, the conference aims to support and inspire 100 participating Small Business Digital Champions in the early stages of digitally transforming their businesses.

Everymind Project Lead, Mental Health and Research, Peter McDermott, who is presenting and speaking to conference attendees, said Ahead for Business can play a role in supporting digital transformation in the mental health space.

“With Ahead for Business, we are offering a digital response to the unique stressors faced by small business owners,” said Mr. McDermott.

“The Digital Champions Project is helping small businesses unlock the potential of technology and leverage it for business success.

“Similarly, Ahead for Business provides tips, tools and information through a digital platform that can lead to decreased stress, better coping and self-care strategies, access to support, and an overall improvement in health and wellbeing.”

Ahead for Business is a fit-for-purpose response to the mental health and wellbeing needs of small business which has been allocated a $3.1 million federal government grant for a national roll out.

As small business owners are often under financial pressure and work long hours, the Ahead for Business platform is flexible, available after hours and provides information and support free of charge.

“The Digital Champions Project and Conference are fantastic initiatives,” said Mr. McDermott.

“Small businesses are the backbone of the Australian economy and small business owners face a variety of stressors and challenges.

“Adapting to doing business digitally could be just one more stressor for them, but this project is providing the support and mentoring that small businesses need to succeed.”

For more information about the Ahead for Business program, please visit:

Published: 8 August 2019