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Now’s the time to unite to #SupportTheCharter

With three weeks to go until the National Suicide Prevention Conference 2019 (NSPC19) in Melbourne from 22-25 July, Everymind is calling on individuals throughout the suicide prevention and mental health sector to take collective action to support The National Communications Charter (The Charter).

The Charter, which is hosted on Life in Mind, is a document designed to guide the way we talk about mental health and suicide prevention, with each other and with the community.

It is therefore fitting according to Everymind Director Jaelea Skehan that as the sector prepares to meet at one of the biggest national gatherings of suicide prevention leaders that a spotlight be placed on how individuals can amplify and embody the principles of The Charter.

“Everyone has a role to play in reducing stigma around mental ill-health and suicide and The Charter provides individuals with eight core principles that can be incorporated into their daily life,” Ms Skehan said.

“The Charter has been designed to empower not only organisations, but individuals around using inclusive and safe language while also promoting help-seeking behaviour through The Charter's guiding principles and messages.

“Signing The Charter is a simple yet structured way to show commitment to best practice and by showing support as an individual, it encourage others to do the same.

“I’m proud to say that many of our Everymind staff personally identify and support The Charter in the work they do, so in the lead up to NSPC19, Everymind will be sharing why they signed The Charter.

“This includes, why they have decided to sign it on a personal level, practical ways around how they make it part of their daily life, why they consider it to be important and how they lead by example.”

The Charter sets out broad and strategic communication principles and key messages about mental health and well-being, social and emotional well-being, mental ill-health and suicide prevention.

By working together under the guidance of The Charter, we can maximise our efforts and resources to help prevent mental ill-health and suicide and minimise the personal, social and economic effects these have on people, families, communities and organisations.

To find out more on how you can #SupportTheCharter before, during and after the #NSPC19, please visit the Life in Mind digital portal.

To #SupportTheCharter follow three steps:

1) Become a signatory

Take a minute to sign The Charter online, demonstrating your commitment to reducing stigmatising language and promoting help-seeking and help-offering behaviour.

2) Share the campaign

Individuals, communities and organisations are encouraged to show support of The Charter. Consider ways to promote that you are a signatory and share The Charter key messages, principles, links and #SupportTheCharter hashtag with others.

3) Implement the principles

Signing The Charter isn't the end of the story. Download The Charter booklet and explore some activities that will help support the principles and key messages within your organisation or local community.

More information:

Find more information about The Charter on the Life in Mind digital portal.

Follow the campaign online by following @EverymindAU and using the #SupportTheCharter.

Published: 2 July 2019

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