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New staffing opportunities as program demand increases

Everymind is looking to significantly bolster its workforce as demand and funding for its programs increase.

The employment opportunities come at a time when mental health and suicide prevention reform is in the spotlight and as face-to-face mental health services are more stretched.

“October is Mental Health Month and right now mental health and wellbeing are very much in the national spotlight, with increased focus from state and federal governments, stakeholders, businesses and the community,” Everymind Director Dr Jaelea Skehan OAM says.

“We need to ensure that people have mental health programs delivered where they live, work, learn and interact as families, particularly as we all come through the COVID pandemic.

“There has been growth in the sector, not just for clinical services but also for prevention programs which will be critical to our ongoing recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Corporates, philanthropic organisation and governments all understand that they need to invest in getting people the right supports at the right time.”

Everymind has been delivering suicide prevention and mental health programs for almost 30 years, working across a diverse range of settings, sectors and communities.

Among the positions currently available are project officers, senior project officers and communications professionals, along with experienced project leaders and research leaders.

“We’re growing and we want to be ready for the future, so right now we are looking for more staff to help drive these opportunities,” Dr Skehan adds.

“We want people who are passionate, dedicated and interested in making a difference, in a very important and worthwhile area of our lives. What we do together really makes a difference for our communities.”

Everymind in Newcastle NSW, works with all tiers of government, philanthropic organisations, research institutions, non-government organisations and businesses.

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Published: 19 October 2021

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