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Everymind welcomes Minister Hunt’s commitment to supporting mental health for all Australians

Everymind welcomes the news from the Federal Minister for Health Greg Hunt, who today announced his plans to deliver a long term national health plan, focused on intervention and preventative health measures for all Australians.

The broad 10-year plan will aim to improve the prevention and treatment of health conditions in Australia by 2030, with a specific focus on the mental health of children and young adults among other areas.

A long term children’s mental health strategy will be developed as part of this plan, aimed at bolstering the resilience of primary and secondary school students, encouraging help-seeking behaviour and breaking down stigma.

According to Everymind Acting Director Tina Fox, prevention and early intervention are vital when it comes to the mental health and wellbeing of every Australian, with many mental health conditions often noticed in the formative years of a child’s life.

“The plan announced today emphasises a strategic approach to prevention and intervention and coincidentally also reflects an alignment with our own, evidence-based Prevention First Framework,” Ms Fox said.

“It is widely acknowledged that preventive strategies are critical to making a difference to the mental health and wellbeing of every individual and every community.

“If we are to make a real difference in the mental health of Australians, prevention and promotion approaches provide an opportunity for meaningful partnerships and involvement from the whole of society.

“There is no doubt Australia must improve the service system to ensure that people experiencing mental ill-health get the support they need – when they need it, where they need it and in the format that suits them best.”

Also included in Minister’s Hunt’s announcement, was the launch of the Intergenerational Health and Mental Health Study, which will consist of four surveys overseen by the Australian Bureau of Statistics during the next three years.

The surveys will tackle mental health and wellbeing, nutrition and physical activity and a national health measures study.

Everymind is committed to preventative approaches to mental health and wellbeing. To find out more visit:

Published: 14 August 2019

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