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Everymind supports Not Just for Laughs festival

Everymind is pleased to be sponsoring Not Just for Laughs, an independent comedy festival taking place in Newcastle over the Labour Day long weekend.

The Institute’s Mindframe team has been working closely with event organisers and will be raising awareness among comedians about the impact their performances can have in reducing stigma around suicide and mental ill-health.

Mindframe will also look to support audience members throughout the festival, by encouraging the use of warning messages prior to shows that may contain triggering material, and encouraging the provision of help-seeking information following shows.

Mindframe Suicide Prevention Project Lead Sara Bartlett says she is pleased to be able to support the festival and recognises the important role comedy writers and performers play in influencing social attitudes towards and perceptions of suicide and mental illness.

"Comedians can reduce stigma about mental illness and suicide through authentic and accurate portrayals. However, some ways of portraying mental illness and suicide can be harmful to vulnerable audiences.

“Our partnership with Not Just for Laughs presents a great opportunity to engage comedy professionals with Mindframe’s work," Ms Bartlett said.

Not Just for Laughs was created with a vision to support Newcastle comedians as they develop performance and production skills, and expose Newcastle audiences to high quality comedy from Australia’s best and emerging talents.

Not Just for Laughs festival founder and manager Ethan Andrews has welcomed Everymind as a sponsor.

“This festival is a place for emerging comedians to develop their skills. Partnering with Everymind’s Mindframe team is an opportunity for these performers to more deeply consider their work and relationship with their audience. Pretty simply, it’s going to make for better comedians,” Mr Andrews said.

For more information about the Not Just for Laughs festival, visit

To read more about the work being done to support the Australian film, television and theatre industry to help inform truthful and authentic portrayals of suicide and mental ill-health, visit Mindframe.

Published: 28 September 2018