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Everymind represents at IASP 2019 in Northern Ireland

Everymind Suicide Prevention Program Manager, Marc Bryant and Project Lead, Sara Bartlett are joining international suicide prevention leaders at the 30th World Congress of the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP), being held 17 – 21 September in Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

The team leads are attending IASP 2019 to showcase Everymind’s range of suicide prevention activities and programs on a global stage, including Mindframe - a national program supporting safe media reporting, portrayal and communication about suicide, mental ill-health and alcohol and other drugs.

According to Program Manager, Marc Bryant, attending this years’ congress is a fantastic opportunity to share the great work our suicide prevention projects are leading in Australia.

“Everymind has been delivering world-leading, prevention programs for more than 25 years and at IASP this year we are able to share the breadth of Mindframe’s work on an international stage,” said Mr Bryant

“For more than two decades Mindframe has been working with media professionals, the sector, Primary Health Networks (PHNs), tertiary institutions, stage and screen professionals, and police and courts to support safe reporting, portrayal and communication of suicide and mental ill-health.”

The Everymind team representatives will deliver presentations, attend roundtable meetings and network with international researchers and leaders in suicide prevention over the course of their visit.

For more information on Mindframe, visit:

Published: 16 September 2019

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