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Everymind partners with AAWE for wellness in entertainment

Entertainment Assist has today announced the formation of the Australian Alliance for Wellness in Entertainment (AAWE) – a world-first, cross-sector initiative for shared interest in positive mental health and wellbeing behaviours for a sustainable Australian entertainment industry.

Everymind is proud to partner with AAWE

Director Jaelea Skehan said that she is pleased Everymind will be the mental health partner for this important national alliance looking to improve the wellbeing of artists, performers and others who work in the entertainment industry.

“Workplaces are an important settings for action on mental health, but there are many workplaces and staff that have not had enough focus or collective action to date. Those working in the Entertainment Industry are one of those groups.”

“We know that there are some unique risk factors affecting this very diverse industry and we are committed to working with Entertainment Assist and other partners to get the kind of forward momentum that we need.”

Jaelea Skehan, Director, Everymind

The purpose of AAWE is to develop and action a Prevention First Framework for Mental Health in the Australian Entertainment Industry. An industry research study will be conducted in association with Everymind to inform the Framework. AAWE members will commit to a Statement of Values around respect, integrity, empathy, courage and collaborative leadership with an aim to providing advocacy, practical support and monitoring of the mental health and wellbeing of industry peers.

Published: 11 October 2017