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Everymind launches new guidelines for communicating about Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD)

Everymind is pleased to announce launch of the evidence-informed Mindframe for Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) guidelines. Commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Health the project aims to positively influence the quality of media reporting on AOD-related issues, improve community attitudes towards people living with issues related to AOD use and increase help-seeking behaviour.

Everymind, Acting Program Manager, Suicide Prevention, Sara Bartlett said the Institute is excited to launch the new guidelines to support the Australian media who play a considerable role in shaping the views of the public.

“The guidelines aim to reduce stigma associated with alcohol and other drugs and increase help-seeking behaviour for people living with issues related to AOD use and their families,

“We are grateful to be able to provide this next level of support and to continue to work closely with the media and other stakeholders” Ms Bartlett said.

Everymind acknowledges the Mindframe for AOD Advisory Group for supporting the development of the guidelines as well as members of other Mindframe advisory groups (media, mental health and university education), the Australian Government Department of Health, and our project partner the University of Newcastle (UoN).

Jack Nagle, founder of REAL DRUG TALK and Mindframe Advisory Group member said he was proud to play a part in development of the guidelines.

“If we can change the way alcohol and other drugs are reported in the media, we have the potential to change countless lives. Let’s allow the truth to get in the way of a good story” Mr Nagle said.

Everymind is looking forward to continuing to work with the media and other stakeholders to implement the Mindframe AOD guidelines within Australia.

To learn more and view the guidelines, visit:

Published: 28 March 2019

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