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Everymind joins sector leaders in presenting at Australia’s largest online suicide prevention summit

More than 10,000 people are expected to tune in to the 2019 Suicide Prevention Summit tomorrow, which is one of Australia’s largest online suicide prevention conferences.

Everymind Director, Jaelea Skehan will be among more than 15 mental health and suicide prevention sector leaders’, practitioners, researchers, authors and educators who will be presenting online via the Summit.

The Summit brings together an unprecedented body of knowledge on suicidology and suicide prevention including presentations, which will highlight global best-practice strategies to treat and manage suicidal behaviour.

Streamed directly through live sessions or on-demand recorded videos, the Summit is co-hosted by Mental Health Academy with Lifeline Australia to support and equip practicing mental health professionals in Australia with the most up-to-date, advanced knowledge and treatment options on suicide prevention.

Everymind Director Ms Jaelea Skehan who will be presenting online from 5pm until 5.45pm said she was pleased to be involved in the conference, highlighting the evidence base behind how suicide is discussed in private and public settings.

“Suicide has been recognised globally as a public health concern with significant impacts for individuals, families, workplaces, schools and community,” Ms Skehan said.

“One of the challenges within suicide prevention is increasing public knowledge and awareness without increasing risk to those who are vulnerable in the community.

“I look forward to sharing with attendees key insights and evidence around how to safely talk about suicide including practical advice and tools which can empower and build the capability of community members.”

The Everymind presentation will conclude at 5.45pm and will be followed by an interactive question and answer session with Ms Skehan.

Everymind is a leading national Institute dedicated to reducing mental ill-health, suicide prevention and improving wellbeing and has a number of programs and initiatives dedicated to achieving this including Mindframe and Life in Mind.

To register to attend the online event, please visit:

Published: 11 April 2019

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