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A great loss for our community

On the weekend, many in the mental health and suicide prevention sector were informed of the death of Jackie Crowe, a national leader in mental health and suicide prevention. Today, many more in our sector and across the community will learn of this news.

Jackie will be sadly missed by all who knew her, as well as all of those who connected with her message. She was a National Commissioner, a vocal and effective advocate for those with lived experience and someone that was dedicated to finding new ways to get people the support they needed, when they needed it.

She gave great support to our Institute and our staff, and was a great friend to many. At this sad time, our Director Jaelea Skehan shares the following short statement:

“Jackie was someone who had the courage to say the things others were thinking. She was a voice for those who were voiceless, and she was unapologetic about calling out practices and attitudes that needed changing.

“She played such a vital role in elevating the voice of those with lived experience and putting them front and centre in our national discussions about mental health reform. She was someone who was passionate about finding new solutions, and was a champion for strategies and programs that she believed would work for our communities.

“I know many will be feeling the same grief and loss that I have been experiencing since hearing the news. It is important for each of us at this sad time to reach out and support each other – because Jackie would expect no less.”

Need help now?

For anyone in the sector or community impacted by this news, please reach out and connect with your colleagues and friends, contact a health professional or your Employee Assistance Program. Also remember that the 24/7 national services that we promote to others are also available to us when we need them.

Published: 23 October 2017

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