Sharing the stories of lived experience - Q&A with John

Everymind has partnered with Roses and the Ocean and SANE Australia to amplify the voice of lived experience across its social media platforms on Friday, 10 September, for World Suicide Prevention Day.

About John's lived experience

“I have experienced suicidality and grief.”

What does the World Suicide Prevention Day theme 'Creating Hope Through Action' mean to you?

“There was a time when hope was the only thing that kept me alive.”

What is one thing you do to create hope in your life?

“Connecting with source energy on a daily basis.”

What is one thing media professionals can do to create hope in how they report or present suicide?

“Remind viewers and readers that there is always hope.”

What is one thing that services can do to create hope for those needing support?


What is one thing that governments can do to create hope in their approach to suicide prevention?

“Consult the voice of lived experience.”

What is one thing the community could do to increase hope for those with a lived experience of suicide?

“Show empathy without stigma.”

What is one hope you have for the future?

“I hope for a more mindful world.”

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