Sharing the stories of lived experience - Q&A with Hannah

Everymind has partnered with Roses and the Ocean and SANE Australia to amplify the voice of lived experience across its social media platforms on Friday, 10 September, for World Suicide Prevention Day.

About Hannah's lived experience

“I’ve experienced suicidal thoughts from a young age up until my mid-twenties. I made a suicide attempt back in 2012. My dad has also experienced suicidal thoughts and has made several attempts on his life. I’ve lost a family friend to suicide.”

What does the World Suicide Prevention Day theme 'Creating Hope Through Action' mean to you?

“To me, it means raising awareness and reducing stigma around suicide. Allowing people to talk and letting them know they are heard. To show love and support to everyone, as you never know their story.”

What is one thing you do to create hope in your life?

“I surround myself with loving and supportive people and have open and honest conversations. I focus on the positive achievements I have made, and I try to find the humour in things.”

What is one thing media professionals can do to create hope in how they report or present suicide?

“Keep educating and reminding us all that it is ok to talk and that there is an alternative to suicide. Connect people to services and support.”

What is one thing that services can do to create hope for those needing support?

“Actively listen, understand, and show sincere support.”

What is one thing that governments can do to create hope in their approach to suicide prevention?

“Connect people to services and support, reduce the stigma around suicide and raise more awareness.”

What is one thing the community could do to increase hope for those with a lived experience of suicide?

“Show love, support, and kindness to each other. Encourage each other to talk.”

What is one hope you have for the future?

“I hope that we can all show each other love and support. I hope that we are all able to have open and honest conversations, so people are heard, understood, and feel connected.”

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