Share your self-care online photo gallery

Help raise awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing for people who provide care and support to others, by sharing an image of what you do to practice self-care as a carer.

Carer image 7

Share your self-care: Drawing and painting help me stay calm and centred and my mind is more at rest and I feel happier when I've done some drawing. We learned to do Mandalas at a workshop.

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Share your self-care: Being near water and nature always recharges me and helps me maintain my peacefulness and optimism.

Carer image 6

Share your self-care: Happy COVID lunch on my husbands birthday!

Carer image 5

Share your self-care: A beautiful gift from One Door. I will use for a face massage. As a carer you need as much care for yourself. Believe in yourself!

Carer image 4

Share your self-care: Thank you to One Door for the gift voucher, it made my day! I can use the voucher for a face massage. My table place mats are just a reminder to believe in yourself and dream big, no matter what.

Carer image 2

Share your self-care: We live in a rural area so country drives to outlying towns is a great way to de-stress. Put on your favourite music and either have lunch somewhere new or picnic on the side of the road. It's a change of scenery and pace.

Care image 1

Share your self-care: Copious amounts of tea, any time :)

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Share your self-care: Any kind of water is my favourite way to self-care. In the summer its pool, river, dam or spa and in the winter it's the hydrotherapy pool :)

Share your self-care to support other carers

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