COVID-19 Resources

As we enter the second half of 2021 with large parts of Australia under COVID-19 lockdowns, many of us are experiencing some form of “pandemic fatigue.”

Pandemic fatigue may include feelings of stress, anxiety, low energy, irritability and hopelessness - and it's completely normal.

These resources have been designed to support you to take proactive opportunities to maintain your wellbeing during the ongoing stresses of the pandemic.

Specific resources have been developed for:

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Resilient families

All families have the capacity to bounce back – and even bounce forward - during challenging times. These tips from Everymind can help you feel more in control and more able to cope with the current stressful environment.

For first responders and their families, FORTEM Australia has downloadable resources on health and wellbeing, including helping kids through trauma, building family rituals and creating a self-care plan. Visit FORTEM Australia.

Emerging Minds have developed a toolkit for Supporting Children’s Mental Health During a Pandemic with videos, fact sheets, podcasts and guides. Visit Emerging Minds.

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Support for small business owners

Small business owners continue to face many stressors due to the COVID-19 pandemic that can significantly impact their mental health and wellbeing. The following factsheets have been developed by the Ahead for Business team at Everymind to help support small business owners through this challenging time.

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This has been a particularly challenging time for the many Australians who support a partner, family member, friend or colleague experiencing mental ill-health. The following factsheet has been developed by the Minds Together team at Everymind to support carers during COVID-19.

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Media professionals

Mindframe and the Dart Centre Asia Pacific have developed this resource to support media professionals who have been covering COVID-19 and its impacts for almost 18 months.

The National Mental Health Commission has developed resources to help you look out for some of the signs of pandemic fatigue, and shares steps you can take to be kind to yourself and overcome these feelings. See more

To support the community during this period the Life in Mind team has worked with the suicide prevention and mental health sectors, in collaboration with the National Mental Health Commission, to provide a comprehensive list of resources. View the resources on Life in Mind

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