Conversations Matter community resources

Resources for individuals and communities

Conversations Matter has been developed to assist communities in talking about suicide in ways that break down stigma and increase understanding and support for those thinking about suicide and those affected by suicide. The resources below have been developed in separate modules covering different types of conversations.

Conversations Matter when holding group discussions about suicide

Fact Sheet When Holding Group Discussions About Suicide Prevention 2021

pdf ( 262.6 KB )

Conversations Matter when someone is thinking about suicide

Fact Sheet When Someone Is Thinking About Suicide 2021

pdf ( 260.663 KB )

Conversations Matter when communities are affected by suicide

Fact Sheet When Communities Are Affected By Suicide 2021

pdf ( 288.225 KB )

Conversations Matter to those bereaved by suicide

Fact Sheet Those Bereaved By Suicide 2021

pdf ( 242.432 KB )

Conversations Matter when telling a child about suicide

Fact Sheet When Telling A Child About Suicide 2021

pdf ( 222.777 KB )

Further supporting information and resources are available via the Conversations Matter website.

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