Mental Health peer-reviewed papers

Below you will find a selection of peer-reviewed papers authored by staff at Everymind related to our work in mental health.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the papers below, please contact our office.

Robyn Considine, Ross Tynan, Carole James, John Wiggers, Terry Lewin, Kerry Inder, David Perkins, Tonelle Handley, Brian Kelly (2017) The Contribution of Individual, Social and Work Characteristics to Employee Mental Health in a Coal Mining Industry Population. PLoS ONE. January 2017.

Ross J Tynan, Robyn Considine, John Wiggers, Terry J Lewin, Carole James, Kerry Inder, Frances Kay-Lambkin, Amanda L Baker, Jaelea Skehan, David Perkins and Brian J Kelly (2016) Alcohol consumption in the Australian coal mining industry. Occup Environ Med. October 2016.

Article available on request

Ross J Tynan, Robyn Considine, Jane L Rich, Jaelea Skehan, John Wiggers, Terry J Lewin, Carole James, Kerry Inder, Amanda L Baker, Frances Kay-Lambkin, David Perkins and Brian J Kelly (2016) Help-seeking for mental health problems by employees in the Australian Mining Industry. BMC Health Services Research. September 2016.

Rod Ling, PhD, Brian Kelly, PhD, Robyn Considine, BA, Ed, MSc, Ross Tynan, PhD, Andrew Searles, PhD, and Christopher M. Doran, PhD (2016) The Economic Impact of Psychological Distress in the Australian Coal Mining Industry. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. May 2016.

Joanne Wirrell, Katie McGill, Peter J Kelly and Jenny Bowman (2014) Caring for Someone with Depression: Attitudes and Clinical Practices of Australian Mental Health Workers. Australian Psychologist.

Emily Incledon, Lauren Williams, Trevor Hazell, Todd R. Heard, Alexandra Flowers and Harriet Hiscock (2013). A review of factors associated with mental health in siblings of children with chronic illness. Journal of Child Health Care, published online 21 November 2013.

Kay-Lambkin, F., Kemp, E., Stafford, K. and Hazell, T. (2007). Mental Health Promotion and Early Intervention in Early Childhood and Primary School Settings: A Review. Journal of Student Wellbeing, 1, 31-56.

Pirkis, Jane and Francis, Catherine (2012). Mental illness in the news and information media: A critical review, April 2012.

Skehan, J., Xavier, R., Lowthe, S. (2012). Empowering Future Practitioners: A Curriculum Approach to Enhance 'Response Able' Communication and Mental Health Issues. Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal, Vol 13 (2), 2012.

Ross J. Tynan, Carole James, Robyn Considine, Jaelea Skehan, Jorgen Gullestrup, Terry J. Lewin, John Wiggers and Brian J. Kelly (2018) Feasibility and acceptability of strategies to address mental health and mental ill-health in the Australian coal mining industry, Vol 12, November 2018

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