Everymind and LifeSpan Newcastle want to empower our community to speak openly and safely about suicide. As a way of doing this, we are offering free Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) online training to Newcastle residents.

To access your free QPR training, click HERE.

Businesses or organisations who can afford to cover the cost of the $10 training for staff are encourage to use the paid link provided below. This will allow LifeSpan Newcastle to provide more free licenses to the community.

Purchase QPR for just $10 HERE.

Question, Persuade, Refer

QPR training is a short online course designed to help you recognise and respond to a suicide crisis. It takes just one hour to complete and will give you:

  • skills to identify the warning signs of someone at risk of suicide
  • confidence to speak to them about their thoughts
  • tools to connect them with professional care.
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What is LifeSpan?

Newcastle is the first of four trial sites for LifeSpan, a new evidence-based systems approach to integrated suicide prevention in Australia.

LifeSpan aims to support people to live full and contributing lives by bringing together healthcare, community services, and those with lived experience, to collaboratively implement nine key strategies which have been proven to reduce suicide.

Learn more about suicide prevention training

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LifeSpan Newcastle Suicide Prevention Education and Training

We have suicide prevention education and training programs specifically designed to make sure we know what to say and do.