Response Ability

Response Ability is an award winning initiative of the Australian Government Department of Health. It is implemented by Everymind, in partnership with universities and registered training organisations throughout Australia.

The Role of Teachers and Children's Services Educators

Supporting the social and emotional development and wellbeing of children and young people has been associated with better mental health outcomes, improved behaviour and higher academic achievement.

Teachers and early childhood educators can help all children and young people by creating safe and supporting learning environments and by promoting positive social and emotional development across all stages of childhood and adolescence.

Teachers and early childhood educators also have a role in identifying those children and young people who need further assessment or support and helping them to access other services - such as early intervention services, psychologists, family support agencies or school counsellors.

Resources and Support

The Response Ability project supports the pre-service training of school teachers and early childhood educators, regarding mental health issues in children and young people. This is achieved by providing:

  • free, evidence-based multimedia teaching resources to Australian tertiary institutions
  • additional information through conference presentations, the Response Ability website and by other publications
  • professional support to tertiary educators to help them integrate mental health related content into their program.

The Response Ability project team provides a suite of FREE multimedia resources for use by tertiary educators. Resources are available to support the training of early childhood, primary, middle years and secondary teachers in universities, and early childhood educators undertaking children’s services courses through the vocational education and training sector.

For further information and online resources visit the Response Ability website at

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Dr Gavin Hazel
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