Life in Mind

Life in Mind is a new national initiative that will connect organisations, programs, researchers and professionals working in suicide prevention to each other, and the community, by providing a digital platform for knowledge exchange around suicide prevention activities across Australia.

Life in Mind will provide sector leadership through collaboration and engagement, and will facilitate access to current evidence-based resources, services, research and policies. This will ensure that in Australia coordinated and consistent messaging underpins our collective communications about suicide.

Everymind is leading the Life in Mind project, which has been funded by the Department of Health under Activity 4 - the National Media and Communications Strategies, National Suicide Prevention Leadership and Support Program, for a period of two years until June 2019.

The project's overall objectives is to reduce suicidal behaviour, rates and better support people to communicate about, and respond to, suicide and its impacts. To support this, Life in Mind aims to:

  • link policy to practice, communities to help-seeking and practitioners to the evidence base through the development of an online portal
  • support coordinated, consistent messaging around suicide prevention through the operationalisation of the National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Communications Charter
  • promote leadership and support in the communication of the project to the sector, and to the broader community, through the implementation of a National Champions Leadership Group.

A collaborative approach to national consultations with key agencies, professionals and organisations working in the suicide prevention sector is currently taking place as part of the project, with the outcomes informing the development of the Life in Mind portal and future communications strategies by providing a clear understanding of the sector’s needs.

By supporting the work and efforts of the organisations working in suicide prevention, Life in Mind will be able to facilitate a coordinated approach that is based on research evidence, quality standards and best practice principles to reduce the incidence and impact of suicide and suicidal behaviour in Australia.

More information

For more information about the Life in Mind project, or the national consultations, please contact Project Lead Melinda Benson on 02 4924 6900 or email

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