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About Melinda

Melinda joined Everymind in March 2017 after relocating to Newcastle with her family from Adelaide. She has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy, and has worked in high secure forensic settings and more recently, managed a low secure forensic mental health service, Ashton House, in South Australia.

Melinda has a keen interest in working to ensure people in every community are mentally well, live well, and are connected to support engagement in meaningful activities. She is excited to be working with a passionate team of staff at Everymind, who have the shared vision of making a difference through the development of resources and programs, to reduce the rate of suicide and its impact in Australia.
Melinda is currently leading the development of Life in Mind, coordinating Conversations Matter and will be working with the Mental Health Council of Tasmania to develop a Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Communications Charter specifically for Tasmania.