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About Kim

Kim joined Everymind in March 2012 as a Project Officer. Kim has certificates in business and is a graduate of the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor Degree in Social Science (psychology) and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology.

Before working at Everymind, Kim was an educator at a youth creative arts school; a research coordinator for private enterprise in collaboration with local and state governments; client support worker at the Mater Hospital Mental Health Unit; and is currently a sole trader and works as a singer/performer and songwriter in the Hunter Valley region, NSW.

Since 2012, Kim has worked across various national, state and local programs and projects at Everymind including: Response Ability (2012-2017), Mindframe National Media Initiative (2012-2017), Conversations Matter (2016), Prevention First Framework (2017), Ahead for Business (2018), Long Lives, Healthy Workplaces for anaesthetist departments (2018), a National Framework for Mental Health in the medical profession (2018), and an adaption of the Partners in Depression program. Kim has also managed local youth arts health projects Youth Rockin’ the Black Dog and MindPlay (2011-2015).

"I am passionate about exploring, writing and creating. I feel strongly about creating communities where people thrive. I love to learn, research and communicate. Working at Everymind provides variety, engages my passions, and keeps my inquisitive mind alive."