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About Janine

Janine joined Everymind as a Project Officer in our Mental Health and Research team in July 2018. She has a commitment to professional development obtaining a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, an Honours Degree in Biomedical Science, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (majoring in Psychology). Janine is currently completing her PhD in Behaviour Science in Relation to Medicine from the University of Newcastle which has further enhanced her project development, implementation and research capabilities.

Before coming to work at Everymind Janine worked in various research laboratories at the University of Newcastle. She has worked on projects spanning topics of neuro-predictors of addiction; consequences of early life stress on later life health outcomes; biomechanical issues in embryo development; the neurobiology of stroke recovery; and improving the understanding and quality of care, and education survivors of stroke and their families receive once they return home. On a personal note, Janine unwinds by painting and is a member of the Society of Artists Newcastle Inc.

Having a research and project background Janine works across both divisions in the Mental Health and Research team. Using her expertise to assist the team to achieve rigorous research undertakings and deliver effective innovative projects.