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About ​Jacinta

Jacinta joined Everymind in July 2018 as a Project Officer for the Mental Health and Research team. Jacinta has a Bachelor of Arts - majoring in Education and English and has extensive experience working in early education, and with children who have additional learning needs.

Jacinta also has a Bachelor of Social Work and has been working in the mental health field for the past 10 years. Over this time she has worked in non-government organisations, in-patient hospitals and community mental health services. Jacinta is particularly interested in the use of language and how this can influence the way mental health and wellbeing is conceptualised at a personal, societal and government level.

Most recently, Jacinta was Clinical Manager at Prince of Wales Community Mental Health. During her time there she contributed to an organisational restructure of the mental health service, with a strong emphasis on promoting consumer led initiatives, strengths based practice and trauma informed care.

Jacinta has also completed a Master of Public Health and is passionate about combining her areas of experience and study to help bridge the gap between research and practice. Ideally, she would like to contribute to the development of evidence-based frameworks that improve the mental health outcomes for individuals and promote mental wellbeing for communities.

Jacinta is currently working in the Mental Health and Research area on Connections: A resource for early childhood educators about children’s wellbeing.