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About Ellen

Ellen has been a staff member at Everymind since 2009. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science, Master of Public Health, Diploma in Project Management and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Ellen is currently the Project Lead in Mental Health and Research.

Ellen has a background in mental health promotion with a focus on the mental health and wellbeing of babies and young children. In particular, she has an interest in the role that the early childhood education and care workforce can play in supporting the social and emotional development and wellbeing of babies, children and families.

Currently, Ellen is working on Response Ability, CHiRP and Connections programs and projects. 

Response Ability is a national project funded by the Australian Government Department of Health. Response Ability prepares teaching professionals to positively shape the mental health of children and young people. Since 1997, Response Ability has been providing specialised evidence-informed resources and practical support to future teachers and educators to help them develop their confidence and capacity to support the social and emotional wellbeing of Australia’s children and young people. More information on Response Ability can be found at

CHiRP is an evidence-based mental health promotion and illness prevention program for families and carers of children and young people living with an illness in Australia. CHiRP aims to promote the resilience and psychological wellbeing of families of children and young people living with an illness. More information on CHiRP can be found at

Connections is a national project funded by the Australian Government Department of Education. The projects involves the production of a mental health literacy resource for the Early Childhood Education and Care Workforce. More information on Connections can be found at
Ellen has a strong interest in the field of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and has studied the subject in her Masters. She has previously worked closely with the Aboriginal community and services and would like to continue in this area.

“The best thing about working at Everymind is the variety of opportunities on offer. I have had the pleasure of working across various projects, all of which I have elected to work on. Each project has been different and has provided the opportunity to develop a new skill set.” 

Ellen has presented at several local and national conferences including the Early Childhood Australia National Conference, the Australian Association for Infant Mental Health Inc. and the Australian Early Childhood Quality Authority Conference.