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About Elena

Elena joined Everymind in 2011. A qualified nurse by background, after moving to the UK she completed a Master of Public Health in 2002, she worked at the Oxfordshire Health Protection Unit of the Health Protection Agency, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the Public Health Unit of the Tower Hamlets NHS Trust (London). During this time Elena led the development of public health policy and performance improvement programs. She also led the implementation support strategies for various public health and clinical guidelines developed by NICE for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Elena has also pursued various training in creative writing and communications, both in the UK and Australia.

She’s currently Senior Project Officer for the Mindframe National Media Initiative’s education and training program. She leads Mindframe’s Stage and Screen stream of work, collaborating with stakeholders such as the Australian Writers’ Guild, Producers Australia, eSafety and the Australian Communications and Media Authority, to promote responsible, sensitive and accurate portrayals of mental illness and suicide on screen.

Previously, Elena led Mindframe’s work with media stakeholders and she led the communications and stakeholder engagement of the Partners in Depression program, a support and education program for carers of people experiencing depression.

During her time at Everymind, Elena has enjoyed coordinating Mindframe’s involvement in the Australian Press Council 40th Anniversary Conference, presenting at the 13th International Mental Health Conference and taking part in the judging of the Ossie Mindframe Award for journalism students and the The MHS Media Awards, which reward excellence and accuracy of media coverage about mental health. Elena is passionate about the promotion of mental wellbeing and engaging story creators so that the stories we tell can increase the understanding of mental illness and reduce stigma.