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About Clare

Clare joined the Everymind team in January 2018 as a Project Officer with the Suicide Prevention team. She is currently involved in the delivery of the Everymind’s Mindframe National Media Initiative.
Clare has completed a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics with Class 1 Honours for her literature review on "The Body Image of Australian Women aged 18-44 years".
Prior to joining the Institute, Clare worked as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian supporting clients in a one-on-one setting for the prevention and treatment of a range of medical conditions.
Clare has experience in health education and promotion, with a passion for translating complex science into relatable and practical care. Clare’s presentations and workshops focus on the development of healthy relationships with food and the body, fostering a healthy food environment and the prevention and treatment of disordered eating.
Clare has a holistic behavioural approach to nutrition, working from the principles of Health at Every Size and promoting a Non-Diet, Intuitive Eating approach to self-care. 

“How we communicate and comment on mental health, eating, body image, suicide and any other area of life, can have a dramatic impact on the wellbeing of others. I am excited to be working with a team that values the complex interrelationship between all areas of wellbeing, and the importance of building supportive communities.”