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Brooke Cross - Everymind Communications Lead
About Brooke

Brooke Cross has ten years’ experience working in public relations and communications for national organisations, working predominantly in the health sector for not-for-profits in the management of communications to develop positive outcomes for both the organisation and members of the community.

Since joining Everymind in 2013, Brooke has managed the Institutes’s internal and external communications, working across teams to promote their work and support program objectives. She has been instrumental in introducing communications processes for planning, strategy and stakeholder engagement. Brooke is also responsible for managing social media, events, corporate and sector partnerships, working with the media and developing the Institute's marketing and public relations materials. 

Previous roles include working in the disability sector as the National Communications Manager at Lifestyle Solutions, Surfest Corporation as Public Relations and Events Manager, and Special Projects Officer at the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia. 

Brooke has a Bachelor of Communications, a Bachelor of Arts and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education.

She is passionate about working in the mental health and suicide prevention sector. She strongly believes in the need for equality and opportunity for the whole community and is committed to working with communities who are disadvantaged.