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Teacher wellbeing featured at the 17th International Mental Health Conference

10 August 2016

This week, Hunter Institute of Mental Health Senior Project Officer Dr Greer Bennett will be attending the 17th International Mental Health Conference to present the latest results of the Start Well research project.

Funded by the Teachers Health FoundationStart Well looks at improving the understanding of mental wellbeing in early career school teachers and  ways to positively influence early career teacher wellbeing and resilience. 

The theme of this year’s International Mental Health Conference is ‘Guiding the Change’ and the Start Well research project is working to do just that. 

Following a successful survey of over 450 early career school teachers from NSW this year, the Start Well project has been looking to identify under what circumstances a teacher may be more inclined to stay in the profession, or leave early. Interviews have also recently been conducted with key leaders in the field to complement and enhance this data collected from teachers.

This work comes as evidence begins to mount in the education sector that school teachers may be experiencing high levels of stress and burnout early in their careers, increasing their risk for mental illnesses and also for attrition from teaching.

In the coming months, the Start Well project will deliver key recommendations for offering support and assistance to the education sector for improving early career teacher wellbeing and resilience, based on the evidence gathered from teachers themselves, and key decision makers in the field. 

If you are attending the International Mental Health Conference this week, or are interested in learning more about the Start Well project, head to our webpage and don't miss Dr Bennett's presentation, Friday 12th August at 11:00am.