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Mindframe guidelines now available in quick reference format

Media professionals and other public communicators now have a suite of handy quick reference guides to aid safe and sensitive communication about suicide, mental health concerns and alcohol and other drugs (AOD).

Building on the popularity of the Our words matter: Guidelines for language use quick reference guides released in April last year, the growing suite provides practical summaries of Mindframe guidelines, developed by Everymind in collaboration with a range of partner organisations.

This includes a trio of resources targeted to those working in the media with specific advice around court reporting on mental illness, reducing stigma in the media (a collaboration with SANE StigmaWatch), and self-care when covering traumatic events (in partnership with DART Centre Asia Pacific).

Communication around AOD issues is also a key theme in the quick reference suite. A new general resource for this area has been bolstered by a more detailed guide focussing on public communication about crystal methamphetamine developed in conjunction with the Cracks In The Ice initiative.

The suite also features a guide for First Nations people truth-telling about suicide. The guide was developed in close collaboration with the Centre for Best Practice in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention whose director, Professor Pat Dudgeon, said it was an important step in increasing First Nations community members’ representation in public discussion about suicide prevention.

“This project is about supporting our people to ensure they have an opportunity to tell their truth in a supported and resourced way,” Professor Dudgeon said upon the recent launch of the resource.

So far Everymind has released 11 Mindframe quick reference guides, with further resources in the pipeline that focus on areas such as reducing weight stigma, LGBTIQ+ suicide, safe depictions on stage and screen, and a guide for media reporting on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide.

Access these free resources, along with the complete set of Mindframe guidelines containing more detailed advice and guidance around safe and sensitive communication here.

Published: 11 July 2024

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