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Psycho-social factors that impact suicide and despair in Australian males

HNE Male Health Network (MHN) Mini - Forum

As highlighted at the 2017 HNE Male Health Forum, intentional selfharm or suicide ranked as the second biggest threat to male life in Australia, accounting for 77,709 potential years of male life lost in 2015*

Many psycho-social factors have been identified that could lead males to suicide such as Stereotyping (‘a real man is…’), Blaming (‘men don’t care about their health’), ‘Stoicism’ (‘real men don’t ask for help’), Denial (‘she’ll be right mate’) and Invalidation (‘men can’t be victims of DV’); raising the question “Are we doing enough to address these factors as a possible root cause of male despair?”

If you have an interest in reducing the crisis of male suicide and despair in our community, please come to a Mini Forum on Thursday 31 August 2017 to be held in the CACS-GNS Conference Room, Level 2, Harker Building, from 10:00 am – 11:15 am.

  • Attendees are encouraged to stay for the MHN meeting until 12 noon


The forum will commence with a presentation by Jacqui Brown, HNE Health Employee Assistance Counsellor and continue with an  open forum discussion posing the important question: “How can we, as a Network, best work together to address this critical issue?"

Booking information

To assist with planning, please phone the HNE Men’s Health Coordinator on (02) 49246317 or email

* see Australian Bureau of Statistics website for details.


August 31, 2017
10:00am - 11:15am

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Level 2, Harker Building,
Longworth Avenue
Wallsend NSW 2287

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